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Introducing the Quamist
The 95% Water Saver from Earthfokus

Dual mode Tap Water Savers

Our dual mode tap water savers or also known as Quamist have two distinct modes, namely the mist mode which can save upto 95% water by generating the water into minute droplets or mist-like consistency and the shower mode which induces more bulbous flow of water and concurrently saves upto 85% water. Switching between the two modes can happen with just a simple twist of the faucet aerator. Quamist faucet water saver comes in state of the art design to incorporate an eco-friendly, stylish and efficient usage of water in homes and kitchens. 

Dual Mode Water Savers
dual flow water saving nozzle for offices
Quamist – ₹ 799

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Quamist 360 – ₹ 999

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Single Mode Tap Water Savers

Ecomist water saver attachments deliver top notch efficiency along with a brand new unibody design, making it extremely durable and undeniably tamper proof and saves upto 95% of water. Return of investment within months is undoubted as the water and energy saved by this faucet water saver is guaranteed to fetch savings in overhead costs as well. 

Mist Spray Tap AeratorShower Mode Tap Aerator
Ecomist – ₹ 499

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Ecoshower – ₹ 499

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What Is Water Saving Aerator?

Water saving aerators are minute attachments that are to be installed in your faucets which drastically reduce water wastage by saving upto 95% water. These attachments come in handy for every kitchen in every household as they are compatible with almost all tap sizes. These water saving attachments are designed to save water and also provide you with easy application, maximized benefits and ease of use in every possible way.

These water saving attachments are a simple tap aerators which are to be placed inside the inner thread of your standard tap and voila! You now have the power to save upto 95% water at your fingertips, literally! The installation requires just your regular spanner and our water saver as they come with an effortless DIY installation method, meaning you do not have to rely on a plumber to make this change! EarthFokus water saving aerators offer a credible amount of water saving (i.e 95%) as they reduce water flow from 10 LPM (Litres Per Minute) to less than 0.5 LPM and they absolutely do not compromise on the performance of the tap, either. These water savers provide a solid wash. 

Faucet water savers are highly compatible for kitchens as washing of vegetables and fruits should simply not be compromised in a household, but as should the future of our planet!

Water savers for kitchen taps can save upto a million litres of water in no time, given the calculated amount of water used by each kitchen. These kitchen tap savers save upto 95% water and provide a satisfactory and thorough wash of vegetables. QuaMist is the dual mode water saver by EarthFokus which is apt for kitchen surroundings as it comes with a dual mode facility. Mist mode is appropriate for handwashes, washing vegetables and fruits, etc. Mist mode saves upto 95% water with each use. Shower mode is for more thorough washes such as washing vessels and utensils. Shower mode is instrumental for saving 85% water even with a thorough wash. 

How to save water in kitchens? 


  1. Reusing of cooking water 

It is needless to say that a lot of water is used for cooking. But if there is a way to reuse the water which is used for cooking then it’s only fair that we apply them in our daily lives. The water used to wash fruits and vegetables is usually filled with minerals and nutrients and is proven to be good for plants. Hence, the water used to wash vegetables and fruits can be utilized in watering our kitchen/garden plants. Reusing the water used to drain pasta to water plants is also an option. 


2. Steam vegetables

In the absence of kitchen/garden plants, you can steam vegetables rather than boiling them as they help to preserve the nutrients and also save a notable amount of water. Steaming of vegetables also helps in retaining the colour, fibre, nutrients and vitamins of the vegetables and keeping them nutritionally intact. 


3. Use a dishwasher 

Dishwashers are known for utilizing lesser water than the regular tap method of washing as they use a heating method for sanitizing the dishes and use far less water than washing. If used regularly, dishwashers can save upto 26,000 Litres of water per year. Using a dishwasher can also save a lot of money as dishwashers are usually one time investments unless any repairs occur. 


4. Installation of faucet water savers

In the absence of a dishwasher, installation of tap water savers in kitchens can help save water. Kitchen tap water attachments are easy DIY installations which are instrumental in saving water with each wash without compromising the quality of each wash. Kitchen faucet aerators are built in a way that promises a thorough wash of vegetables and fruits and still yield a whopping 85% savings of water.

What are the types of tap water-saving aerators?

There are different types of water saving aerators that you can attach to your tap/Faucet.  EarthFokus water saving aerators come in 3 different types.

Dual-mode water savers  – Dual-mode aerators give both mist and shower output. You can change the modes by twisting the tap. Mist mode saves 95% water and, shower mode can save up to 85% water. Quamist and Quamist 360 are EarthFokus dual-mode tap water savers.

Mist water saver – Mist water-saving aerators convert normal flow into a fine mist. Mist tap water savers can save up to 98% water. and, give 0.4-0.6 LPM output. Mist water savers are perfect for washing hands. Ecomist is an EarthFokus mist water saver.

Shower type water-saver – Shower type of aerators, convert normal flow to streams of showers. Shower type of water savers can save 85% water and give 2-3 LPM output, perfect for washing hands and are ideal for both homes and commercial spaces. Ecoshower tap is an EarthFokus shower type water saver.

How can I save water in my Kitchen?

Saving water in the kitchen is simple with EarthFokus water savers.

Earthfokus quamist and Ecoshower tap is one of the best kitchen water saver aerators. You can install them in your existing faucets. Mist mode is used to clean vegetables and fruits. The shower mode can be used to do the dishes and clean vessels. Earthfokus dual-mode water savers are perfect for kitchens and they save a lot of water.


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