How well do you know your water consumption?

EarthFokus’ solutions help you precisely monitor and reduce your building’s water usage. Discover how our smart water management technology along with our water-saving initiatives can optimize your consumption and identify areas for improvement.

SDG’S We Achive

EarthFokus is committed to reducing water consumption through our innovative products and services. As your water-saving partners, we understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that make a significant impact

Revolutionize Water Usage with EarthFokus Smart Water Management

EarthFokus’ Smart Water Management system uses real-time monitoring, IoT-based smart water meters, and live dashboards to optimize water consumption. Our advanced technology ensures efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable water management for residential and commercial buildings. With detailed usage reports, EarthFokus helps reduce water wastage and improve operational efficiency.

Pioneering Water-Saving Fixtures

At EarthFokus, we lead in innovative water-saving fixtures that drastically reduce water consumption without compromising performance. We offer a range of the highest quality fixtures, designed with advanced flow control for optimal water usage in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Precision Engineered Products

Every EarthFokus product undergoes meticulous design and rigorous testing, ensuring unparaleled quality and efficiency.

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Transforming Chennai’s water woes into wins with smart, sustainable savings in apartment living.

Taisha Apartments, Chennai.

Annual Savings Per Home

1,59,750 Liters

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Tailored Water Management Solutions for Every Industry

EarthFokus offers bespoke water management solutions designed to address the specific challenges and requirements of various industries.


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