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Water savers are simple attachments which are required to be fixed in your taps via an effortless DIY manner and these attachments in turn act as a splendid water saving tool by reducing upto 95%-98% of water wastage per wash. No, we aren’t exaggerating and yes, these are the actual statistics! Water saving nozzles can be installed in your workplace, building or houses as they are instrumental in saving gallons of water everyday through our daily activities involving water such as washing our hands.

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Earthfokus water savers

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We the folks at Earthfokus manufacture water tap attachments by utilizing the highest quality materials such as EcoBrass.

EcoBrass is an alloy which is significantly durable and corrosion resistant to the chemicals found in water. Some of the major beneficial values of eco brass include that they are lead free, arsenic free and as strong as stainless steel.

EcoBrass ensures clean water and induces no contamination in the water. Our water saver also have high accuracy mechanisms and environmentally beneficial features that yield efficient, durable and elegant ease of use as a result.

Earthfokus water saver are hassle free attachments which are inclusive of a simple, DIY installation and dispense maximized benefits.

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Water savers for homes

Earthfokus’ dual mode water savers are ideal for homes and kitchens as mist mode (apt for hand washes) can save upto 95% of water and shower mode (apt for washing vegetables, vessels, etc) can save upto 85%. Quamist 360 is comparatively more suitable for kitchens as it comes with an adjustable setting which enables you to turn the aerator at
a 360 degree angle, hence making it more commodious for washing vegetables, vessels, etc.

Earthfokus water savers exhibit exemplary design combined with fulfilling results to provide you with a convenient, user-friendly and beneficial experience. Our water savers are also manufactured using the top quality and eco friendly brass which also contributes to what we strive for. A greener planet.

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Water saving aerators for
commercial spaces

EcoMist – Complete with tamper proof design and a brand-new unibody design, Eco Mist doesn’t get sturdier than this. Hence making it ideal for high traffic and bustling commercial spaces. Eco Mist can now work in buildings with nothing but gravitational flow. Eco Mist not only saves more than 95% of water per wash, but also saves the sizable amount of energy that is associated with it. Eco Mist guarantees significant saving in water and energy with stalwart usage.

Ecoshower – These shower type tap water savers convert normal water flow into angled shower output which ensures more even dispersion of the water and in turn reduces flow of water from 10/12 LPM (Litres Per Minute) to 1.5-2 LPM, which is a quite massive rate of water saving. Our
Ecoshower water savers save upto 85% of water when compared to your average aerator and it also covers more area, resulting in a satisfying wash along with rational water usage.

Ecoshower provides more dense flow of water and they can be attached to your existing taps. It takes less than a minute to install Ecoshower water savers and they yield tremendous results.

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Testimonials from our customers

Definitely an eco friendly product which gives the satisfaction of saving water which is the need of the hour.- Sindu Kulashekhar - Quamist Customer
Great product that saves 80 % of water that we use while washing vegetables and dishes and washing our hands. I love their new, sleek design that was installed in our home today. It is very practical and lets us change the modes easily to suit us. Time for everybody to install these nozzles!- Arya - Quamist Customer
Very Good Initiative to save ecological footprint.. Used the product at office of National innovation foundation- India.. Its very appreciable as it really saves more than 95% of water.. Kudos to Earthfokus.. Good luck team- Viral - National innovation foundation


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