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What are water saving nozzles?

Water saving nozzles are compact attachments to be fit into your taps/faucets which reduce water wastage by upto 95%. Water conserving nozzles come in various types which are designed to suit your utmost convenience and preferences and their sole objective is to help you save water, energy and contribute to a green cause. An average tap produces around 8-12 litres of water per minute, out of which we only require a maximum of 0.5 litres to complete the task of hand-washing, and 1 litre per minute in case of washing vessels/vegetables, which leads to immense amounts of water wastage by the minute. Water conserving nozzles are designed to effuse only the required percentage of water in order to steer clear of wastage.

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Why do we need water conserving nozzles?

Water saving aerators have the ability to cut down water scarcity by a significant amount and positively save upto 10000 litres per month, if used religiously. Below are the reasons as to why water conserving nozzles are essential in today’s world.

  • Water conserving nozzles enable us to save water and energy from our respective homes, which proves to be an absolute game-changer in terms of beneficial gain and convenience.
  • They are instrumental in saving a notable amount of water, energy and hence, money.
  • Water conserving nozzles guarantee a mandatory Return Of Investment in 3 months.
  • These water saving attachments are handy and can be installed in your homes, workplaces and kitchens.
  • Water saving attachments are hassle free and come with a simple DIY installation.

What are the types of water saving aerators?

Water saving nozzles come in 3 types which differ according to user preferences and are designed to fit different environments, as well. The 3 different types of water saving aerators include

Water saving tap adapters

Mist mode water saver nozzles

Mist mode water saver nozzles convert the water flowing from our taps into a fine mist like consistency instead of bulbous droplets and this helps to save upto 95% of water, apart from the water used to wash our hands.

Ecomist is the mist mode water saver nozzle manufactured by EarthFokus which converts the water effused by our taps into a gentle mist and also reduces the water flow from 8 LPM (Litres Per Minute) to under 0.4 LPM.. Thus, saving upto 95% water each time we open a tap. The significant lowering of water does not impact the performance of the tap as we also guarantee an extremely satisfying hand-washing experience.

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Shower spray water saver nozzles

Shower spray/shower type water saver nozzles emit water from taps in a voluminous shower like output which increases the intensity of the wash and also simultaneously saves upto 85% water. Shower spray water saving nozzles disperse the water droplets evenly like a shower and guarantee a thorough and frugal washing experience.

Ecoshower is a shower spray water saver nozzle designed by EarthFokus which comprises an angled shower output feature which reduces water flow from 10 LPM to 1.5 to 2 LPM. EcoShower is ideal for washing fruits and vegetables and would be a perfect addition for your kitchen faucet.

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Dual flow water saver nozzle

Dual mode/dual flow water saving aerators are tap attachments that render two prominent modes of water flow which can be adjusted to user preferences. These two modes will differ according to convenience, usually hand washing and washing vegetables/fruits.

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The dual mode water saver nozzle manufactured by EarthFokus is Quamist and Quamist 360. Both these water saving attachments come with two modes namely mist mode and shower mode. Mist mode converts the water into a fine mist which reduces water flow from 8 LPM (Litres Per Minute) to under 0.4 LPM, making it highly apt for hand washing. Mist mode saves upto 95% water. Shower mode, on the other hand, reduces water flow from 10 LPM to 1.5 to 2 LPM, saving a solid 85% water with each wash. Shower mode is used when a more thorough wash is required i.e washing fruits/vegetables/vessels.

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How does a water saving nozzle work?

A water saving nozzle is a device which is to be inserted into your faucets and is said to cut down water wastage by a notable amount. So, how does a water saver do so? A water saving nozzle acts like a filter which splits a single, bulbous flow of water into many tiny streams which in turn directs air into the water flow. Due to the introduction of air, water has less space for it to flow so the water effusion is reduced, resulting in a large number of water savings.

How do we install water saving devices?

EarthFokus tap water savers come with an extremely hassle free DIY installation method which absorbs less than 1 minute of your time to install. Here’s how you install EarthFokus water saving aerators. All standardized taps come with a built-in inner thread which is responsible for water effusion. Remove the faucet aerator cap by screwing it anti-clockwise using a size 21 spanner. Pull out the plastic aerator and place the EarthFokus nozzle inside the cap and place the washer over the nozzle. Screw it back on with a spanner size 21 and voila! You can now instantly save upto 95% water and millions of litres in the long run.

Where can you install water saving tap attachments?

Water saving tap attachments reap many benefits irrespective of where they are installed as they are built to provide you with maximum water savings. However, Earthfokus has 3 distinct types of water saving nozzles which are designed for very specific environments to provide more convenience.

Ecomist – Our mist type water saving tap attachments which saves upto 95% water and is highly apt for commercial spaces (i.e offices, workspaces) as they provide a stellar handwash by using very minimal amounts of water.

Ecoshower – Our shower spray nozzle has a top notch, tamper proof design and delivers a thorough wash, but still manages to save upto 85% water with each use. Ecoshower is suitable for kitchens and restaurant kitchens as they are efficient for washing vessels, fruits and vegetables and alongside delivers a high water saving rate.

Quamist & Quamist 360 – Our dual mode water nozzles offer you the best of both worlds. Quamist and Quamist 360 have two utilitarian modes which serve two distinct purposes as mentioned below:

Mist mode – converts water into a fine mist and saves water by upto 95% while offering you a satisfying handwashing experience.

Shower mode – effuses water in a voluminous shower like consistency and proves to be apt for washing vegetables, fruits and more tedious tasks which require water.

Quamist can be installed in apartments and home workspaces.

What are the benefits of installing water saving tap attachments?

Water saving tap attachments such as aerators and nozzles come with a plethora of benefits which are advantageous for both nature and mankind simultaneously. When such simple acts can invoke so many benefits, it is important that we make an effort to do them. Some of the benefits of installing water saving aerators are listed below :

Guaranteed Return of Investment

Earthfokus water saving components guarantee a mandatory return of investment within 3 months of installation and provides full assurance that you will get the invested money back as well as go on to save plenty of money in the future. There are many monetary benefits of installing water savers.

You save water, energy and money.

When you use upto 95% less water than usual, your water bills reduce tremendously which results in an overall cut down of expenses. Saving 95% water by using only 0.4 LPM (Litres per Minute) as opposed to 8 LPM also contributes majorly to saving water as a resource. You also save energy because when you use 95% less water in your apartment/house/workspace, the trips made by the water supplying vehicle (i.e trucks and lorries) reduce, resulting in saving of fuel, in turn resulting in saving of energy. Energy is also saved in another way by less frequent usages of the water pump to acquire water.

They massively contribute to the planet.

Mother Earth has let us abide in her resources and given us a home for millions of years. She has spared no expense in the form of resources and showered us with water, air, mountains, food and much more. When we as a planet have a chance to give back to our home planet in the form of a simple way it is only right that we do so. Water is a rapidly depleting resource due to the impetuous acts of mankind but this isn’t irreversible. Slowly but steadily, we can tackle this crisis by adapting a more eco-friendly lifestyle and tuning ourselves to live that eco-friendly life. Be it recycling plastics, recycling old clothes or installation water conserving nozzles in our homes and workplaces, we have to take responsibility for our planet and leave behind a beautiful, breathable planet for the generations to come.

Why is Earthfokus the best water saving nozzle in India?

Though Earthfokus primarily manufactures water saving nozzles, we prefer to identify ourselves as an organization that is striving to restore planet Earth’s resources and provide the world with extremely simple solutions to do the same. Our main objective is to present you with water savers which are intricately designed in order to save a stellar 95%-97% water with just a simple DIY installation. Earthfokus water saving nozzles are a one time investment which will bring to you amazing benefits of saving money and energy, as well as provide you with the feel good factor of contributing to the planet. Our water saving tap attachments are built to satisfy your every need pertaining to comfort, style and convenience. Join us in putting Earth first and preserving our home.

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