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Ecostream Kitchen Water Saving Aerator- 3 LPM- Pack of 2 Shower/ Stream flow water saver

400.00 199.00

•Ideal for Kitchen and bathroom taps
•Save upto 80% water (3 LPM)
•Made using Delrin polymer (1 year warranty)
•Easy DIY installation, Takes less than 30 seconds to install
•Scale resistive design with flow adjustment technology
•Shower / Stream design for better handwash and cleaning experience


Ecostream kitchen water saving aerator ( 3 LPM) is perfect for kitchen taps,
You save more than 70-80% water compared to a regular output.
You get an uncomprmisng experience with no delay in time.
Earthfokus water savers are perfect for kitchens and homes.
Earthfokus water savers alone can save thousands of liters of water annually,


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