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Umbrella Flow Nozzle | Ecomist Umbrella flow Water Saver for Taps

Ecomist umbrella is a tap water-conserving nozzle that can be attached to an existing tap and converts the standard output to a unique umbrella flow. It reduces the flow to 1 LPM and saves up to 90% of water to a regular discharge of 10 LPM (Liters per minute). Our nozzles can be attached to an existing tap within minutes. It’s designed for standard size taps and can be fitted to other size taps via adaptors. This nozzle works even with low water pressure.

Wash your hands, face with 90% less water. Ideal for commercial spaces ( Water savers for Office, Malls, Factories, schools, and more)



  • Product description: Ecomist umbrella water-saving nozzle
  • Package contains: 1 Ecomist umbrella nozzle, Flow restrictor, 1 rubber washer, Instruction booklet
  • Dimensions: 5 CM X 1.5 CM X 2.1 CM
  • Weight: 54 gms
  • Minimum pressure: 0.5 BAR
  • Material: Ecobrass (Leadfree)
  • Output : 1.0-1.2 LPM
  • Suitable for: Standard size tap ( 22mm Male, 24 mm Female)


Ecomist umbrella water saver  gives a unique umbrella flow that saves water, You can use Ecomist umbrella water saving nozzles  in commercial spaces, For washing hands and face.

Ecomist nozzle for taps gives fine mist and saves more than  95% water, Ecomist umbrella water saver  gives a unique umbrella flow that can save more than 90% water and gives more rich water.

No pressure pump is required for Ecomist umbrella tap water saver , It works even in gravitational flow and in pressures as low as 0.5 bar. If the water pressure is high make sure the flow restrictor is fit in.

If Ecomist umbrella water saver  oversprays due to high water pressure, Make sure the flow restrictor is placed on top, If the issue still persists reduce the flow using the valve below the tap.

Ecomist umbrella water saving nozzle  is designed for standard sized taps ( Male 22 mm , Female 24 mm) If you have a smaller tap size, we have a range of compatible adaptors.
If you still want to know your tap size, Send us an image of your tap.

Ecomist umbrella water saver comes with a 3 year warranty, But it will last for a long time.

It takes less than a minute to install Ecomist umbrella watersaver. If you can install a light bulb, Installing Ecomist umbrella water saving nozzle should be a cakewalk.