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Save up to 95% water.
ROI in two months

Mist Spray Nozzles for Water Saving

Mist spray nozzle is a fog type nozzle that is designed to spray water/liquid in a form of mist/fog. Mist nozzles save more water than conventional taps with the same experience.

Earthfokus mist nozzles are utilitarian instalments for your taps which provide guaranteed ROI (Return of Investment), a highly notable amount of water savings and energy savings. We at Earthfokus manufacture water saving aerators with upscale designs, options to choose from and green incentives to provide you with a multi-beneficial and valuable experience.

Enable your taps with the ability to save upto 95% water by installing Earthfokus mist nozzle for taps.

  • Adding retrofits to your existing taps.
  • Saves more than 95% water via taps with each use.
  • Dispenses water in a fine and efficient mist like consistency.
  •  Suitable for home taps. 
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty 
  • Easy installation (DIY) 
  • Guaranteed return of investment with multifold benefits.
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This device saves 95% Water

Savings? Upto 98% of water with each wash!

We at Earthfokus manufacture our mist aerators Ecomist using high quality Eco Brass (lead free brass). We have formulated a revolutionary method to extract the most exemplary mist output tailored to suit user preferences and convenience to the fullest. 

Ecomist gives out only 0.3 LPM (Litre Per Minute) to 0.6 LPM, making it one of the first mist type nozzles to save 95% of water.

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Tamper proof design.

Ecomist comes with an unmatchable unibody design making it tamper proof and increases durability, making it appropriate for high traffic commercial spaces. The new Ecomist comes in a design so compact that it fits perfectly into the tap, making it seem almost invisible. Ecomist aerators for taps ensure high quality output with regard to design and performance.

Eco Brass Material

We’ve got options.

Ecomist comes with flow options and functions in pressures as low as 0.8 Bar to 5 Bar, scrapping the need for a pressure pump. Now Ecomist nozzles for taps provide exemplary and efficient mist water flow which can be achieved even at extremely low pressures with just gravitational flow.

Flow OptionsTap size chart

It takes less than 30 seconds to install Ecomist.
And, you can do it yourself.

Installation VideoInstallation Guide

Great savings, Let’s compare.

Mist Return of investments within months.

Ecomist not only save more than 95% water, but It also saves the energies associated with it. You can see significant savings in water and energy consumption.

You get back the money invested for the product in less than three months.

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