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Cost-effective water saving components

Plastic water saving nozzles are efficient inputs that you can attach to your plastic taps, which in turn significantly reduce water wastage by upto 95%. These plastic water saving nozzles are extremely efficient and are designed to fit user preferences to the fullest. Our first and foremost aim is to provide you with a hassle free and beneficial experience. EarthFokus plastic water saving nozzles are made up of a sustainable blend of plastic and acetal resin called “Delrin” that proves to be of good quality and acts as absolutely no harm to the environment. This variant is
approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Our plastic water spray nozzles are cost-effective and simple attachments that can be added to the taps in your homes, kitchens and workplaces to ensure almost 0% wastage of water and enable you to lead a sustainable and productive lifestyle.

Are plastic water spray nozzles efficient?

To answer your query in a word, yes. They are. Let us dive into the how and why. EarthFokus plastic water saving nozzles are cost-effective and simultaneously provide maximized benefits in terms of water and energy saving. They are just a minute attachment that can be fitted into your taps with a simple DIY installation method and in turn provide you with 85%-95% saving of water. These plastic water savers reduce the flow of taps from 8-10 LPM
(Litre Per Minute) to under 0.5 LPM. The water is converted into a fine mist-like consistency through our water savers which enables it to act as a marvelous water saving tool.

Are low cost water saving nozzles cost efficient?

Plastic water saving nozzles are extremely cost-efficient as the material used to make them has proven to be less expensive and simultaneously deliver quality performance. We at EarthFokus persistently look for ways to provide high-performing water savers at a low cost and our plastic water saving nozzles are an example.

Where can we use these cost-effective water saving nozzles?

Our plastic water saving nozzles can be used in homes, kitchens, workplaces and pretty much everywhere with a functional tap. These tap attachments have no specifications and are designed to fit almost all taps without any complications.