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The perfect water saver
for your tap

Dual Mode Faucet Aerators for Kitchen

Dual-mode water savers aerators can give both mist and shower flow You can change the modes by twisting the tap. Mist mode saves 95% water, and shower mode can save up to 85% water.

Dual flow water saving nozzle - Quamist
Quamist ( Dual mode ) water saver

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360degree rotatable dual mode water saving aerator - Quamist 360
Quamist 360° (Dual mode) water saver
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QUAMIST 360 Water Saving Tap Nozzle
95% Water Saving

Dual mode tap water savers

Maximum efficiency at
both modes.

Our dual mode nozzles Quamist and Quamist 360 can reduce water consumption by upto 95% in the mist mode setting, which converts the water into a fine mist, apt for washing hands and cleaning vegetables. The alternative setting is called shower mode which can remove tough stains off surfaces and saves upto 80% water per use. Quamist and Quamist 360 gives you the ability to convert your regular tap into a super efficient water-saving device just by installing the Quamist dual flow aerator using a simple DIY process

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Exemplary design.

Both our dual mode nozzles (Quamist and Quamist 360) are machined using high quality Ecobrass with no lead content, which ensures safe drinking water unharmed by chemicals. 

Our team has strived hard to deliver a revolutionary formula to procure the most exceptional mist output that’s 100% adjusted to user preference. We utilize a high-precision CNC machine to acquire our top quality dual flow aerators. It’s sleek and user-friendly design makes it easy to switch between modes and experience the output to the fullest.

mist and shower flow water saver component

Dual mode kitchen faucet water savers

Quality of the material

Quamist and Quamist 360 dual flow aerators are manufactured using Ecobrass, the top quality brass in its segment. Ecobrass contains no lead content hence making it free of chemicals and it is also food-grade quality. Quamist and Quamist 360 dual mode nozzles can be used for cooking and washing purposes. The new Ecobrass body makes it absolutely safe for consumption. 

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Powerful and efficient shower.

Quamist now comes with a shower mode which makes this dual flow water saving nozzle eligible for washing tough stains and dirt off of surfaces. Switching to shower mode happens at the slightest twist of the cap. Shower mode in Quamist dual flow aerators provides a more bulbous flow of water for washing vessels / filling water and still manages to save upto 80% of water. 

water saver attachment for kitchen taps

Just twist Quamist to change modes.

twist tap faucet water saving aerators

Kitchen tap water saving devices

Maximum savings at both the modes

You can save up to 95% water in the mist mode and up to 85% water using the shower mode. Quamist water saver is designed to save maximum water at both modes.

Shower flow water saving nozzle for kitchen

mist mode water saver 0.5 LPM

water saving nozzle with 360 degree rotation


Our dual flow nozzle Quamist 360 comes with an inbuilt 360 degree swivel mechanism that enables the user to adjust the angel of the nozzle and place it at the perfect spot, for added convenience. Quamist 360 water saving nozzles now provides a more expanded area of coverage and is built to improve your handwashing experience in an easy and ecofriendly manner.

It takes less than 30 seconds to install Ecomist.
And, you can do it yourself.

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