Earthfokus is an innovative IIT-M incubated startup that emerged during the Chennai water crisis in 2018. Initially, we gained widespread attention and adoption for our water nozzles, but as global concerns surrounding climate change and water scarcity intensified during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, our mission evolved. Recognizing the need for comprehensive water conservation solutions that don't compromise user experience, we expanded our offerings to include a diverse range of low-flow fixtures tailored to specific needs, from health faucets to showerheads and taps.

Our commitment to data-driven sustainability led us to embark on smart water metering projects, enabling us to establish consumption baselines and demonstrate the tangible savings our solutions deliver to our clients. Beyond mere product deployment, we leverage this data to identify areas of excess water consumption, crafting bespoke solutions that address each client's unique challenges. Earthfokus is dedicated to providing holistic, customizable water management solutions that empower our clients to progress toward their sustainability and net-zero water consumption goals.