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How Our IoT based Smart Water Management Technology Works?

Leverage EarthFokus' robust and secure IoT Smart Water Management system for real-time tracking and data accuracy. Our end-to-end solution empowers you to monitor and optimize your water usage seamlessly..

  • meters

    Water Meter

    "The first step in our smart water management system. Our advanced water meters collect precise data on your water consumption."

  • gateway

    Gateway Device

    "This is where the magic happens. Our gateway device securely transmits the collected data to the cloud, ensuring integrity and reliability."

  • dashboard

    Cloud Dashboard

    "Your water data, visualized. Access real-time insights and historical trends on our secure cloud dashboard, enabling you to make data-driven decisions."


Streamlined Insights: The EarthFokus Dashboard Experience

Experience water management like never before with our user-friendly dashboard. EarthFokus simplifies complex data, offering clear insights at a glance. Navigate effortlessly, act smartly, and champion sustainability.

Dashboard Features:
Your Control Center for Comprehensive Water Management

  • Real Time Monitoring: Get immediate, data-driven water usage insights for smarter decision-making.

  • Tank Level Monitoring: Monitor tank levels remotely to prevent overflows and avoid empty tanks.

  • Automation: Streamline water management tasks, from leak detection to supply scheduling, for heightened efficiency.

  • Tanker Lorry Management: Optimize tanker logistics for a more efficient and cost-effective water supply.

  • Reporting: Instantly generate actionable insights through quick and comprehensive water usage reports.

  • Leak Detection: Advanced sensor technology that provides immediate alerts for any water leaks, safeguarding resources and infrastructure efficiently.

  • Payment Management: Automate billing and streamline payment processes for smarter, transparent expense tracking and control.

  • STP Monitoring: Precisely oversee Sewage Treatment Plant operations for compliance and sustainability.

Already have meters Installed?

We can integrate your existing meters into our IOT Gateway and provide you with all the data regarding your consumption on the dashboard. Click here to find more.


Our Range

Different Metering Technologies to match your purpose

  • mechanical meter


    Most affordable and ideal range to kick-off your water monitoring journey.

  • mechanical meter

    Ultra - Sonic

    Ideal for measuring freshwater and provides high accuracy.

  • mechanical meter

    Electro Magnetic

    Ideal for measuring any type of water, Perfect for inlet lines and STP.

Versatile Water Management for Every Space

At EarthFokus, we understand that every space is unique but the need for water conservation is universal. Our range of products is designed to adapt to both commercial and residential settings, offering tailored solutions that make water management efficient and effortless.

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Unlock a Cascade of Benefits: More Than Just Water Savings

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Beyond Conversation: Paving the Path to a Water-Wise Future in Business.

At EarthFokus, we don't just talk about conservation – we're spearheading a water-wise future for businesses. Dive into a world where sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our promise and our passion.

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EarthFokus: Setting the Gold Standard in Water Saving Fixtures for Today's Industries

EarthFokus specializes in top-tier water savers—our fixtures effortlessly blend with existing plumbing, ensuring long-lasting durability. Experience the gold standard in water-saving solutions, tailored to meet diverse industry demands.”

Beyond Meters: EarthFokus' Intelligent Water Management For In Today's Industries

Utilizing advanced smart technology to transform the approach of modern facilities. Our system offers real-time water monitoring, efficient tanker lorry management, tank level tracking, and in-depth STP insights, providing a comprehensive toolkit for informed decision-making.

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Elevating Sustainability and Efficiency, Reducing Costs for Modern Facilities.

Diverse Spaces, Specific Solutions: EarthFokus' Tailored Approach to Commercial Water Management.

EarthFokus champions tailored water management solutions, driving unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings, while adapting seamlessly to the distinctive needs of diverse industries.

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Revolutionize Your Home Water Use with EarthFokus: Sustainable Solutions for Water Management.

In every home, water tells a story. With EarthFokus, we inspire a narrative of mindful consumption and tangible impact. Our solutions, tailored for residential spaces, champion both comfort and conservation. Elevate your living experience and be part of a sustainable future.

water saver for residential

From Faucets to Showers: The EarthFokus Home Kit Redefines Water Efficiency.

Introducing the EarthFokus Home Kit: a curated ensemble of our finest water-saving fixtures tailored for kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. Achieve standout water reduction, realize energy savings, and elevate your home experience without compromise.

  • 1. Easy to Implement
  • 2. Un-compromised Experience
  • 3. Guaranteed Savings

Home Water Intelligence: EarthFokus' Smart Residential Solutions.

EarthFokus redefines residential water management. Our system delivers clear insights for homeowners and actionable data for facility managers. Track water use, manage tank levels, detect leaks, and more – all with EarthFokus' water management .

home water intelligence

Experience Unparalleled Benefits with EarthFokus' Smart Water Management.

By choosing EarthFokus, you're not just selecting a product or service. You're embracing a comprehensive, future-forward approach to residential water efficiency, whether through our specialised home kit or our advanced water management system.

Perfectly Suited for a Range of Residential Environments.

From sprawling apartments and luxury villas to vibrant communities and organized associations, EarthFokus caters to all with precision and efficiency. Ideal for.